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21 - Pineapple | Plus a bonus interview with Tessa Carroll of Ahimsa Collective

August 18, 2020

Did you know that there are more than 200 flowers produced by a single pineapple plant? These flowers have their individual fruits, in fact they are small berries, which look like scales. These individual berries join together to form a single pineapple. We talk all things pineapple this week, from the history, which spans from South America through the world. Diving into the nutrition, cooking and also growing these tropical fruits. 

We also speak with Tessa Carrol the plant-based eco-warrior behind Ahimsa Collective. A luxury accessories label that is at the forefront of innovative fashion. Tessa has been in the fashion industry ever since her mother taught her to sew at age 7. She is passionate about our planet, our oceans, and truly changing the way we think about fashion from a consumer perspective and setting new and effective supply chains utilising eco-friendly materials. 

This is a fascinating interview where we discover the process behind using pineapple leaves to make a new material not too dissimilar to leather. 


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